Oasis-RP Rules


Welcome to Oasis RP | A Realistic Roleplaying Community



The mission of the True RP: Los Angeles is to be a toxic free environment where people can be who they want to be and not have to deal with harassment on a daily basis. We want this community to be an escape from reality and be accepted for who you are, and also don't forget to have fun! And Above all, our mission is to protect the community through any means necessary, whether it be through banning members and teaching them lessons or being under-cover and catching people break the rules.


General Rules:

  • You MUST have a working Microphone 

  • You must be able to speak and understand English

  • Stealing EMS cars and harming EMS is NEVER allowed nor will be tolerated

  • You may steal cop cars with the Proper RP behind it

  • Kidnapping EMS or Mechanic will not be tolerated

  • Police/Ems are not allowed to sell PD/EMS issued weapons or medkits

  • No Hotmicing

  • You cannot impersonate Police or EMS

  • You MUST change from the default look you load in with

  • Keep in character situations in character do not bring it out of the game/city. And Vice Versa 

  • You may not sell your Patron Vehicles for money in game or out of game

  • Selling anything in game for money out of game is strictly prohibited

  • If you’re going to do a report on an individual or issue you MUST have a clip readily available of the incident you are reporting

  • An individual can only own ONE player owned store

  • Do NOT lie to any admins

  • Must be 14+

RDM- Random Death Match

Killing/attempting to kill another player/group without any reason or roleplay leading up to it will not be tolerated. You must have a valid reason and initiation → EXAMPLE: You pull up to the weed farm and just kill an individual for being there without even talking to them.


  • Reach/Taking a weapon out is now initiation and the other party may shoot if not outnumbered 

  • You cannot make someone sing or tweet out for their choice of life

  • You may shoot at a vehicle's tires to disable it with the proper initiation and RP. If you shoot a vehicle it means you have engaged and the other party may shoot back. The only time you can shoot someone in their car is if they are powergaming by staying in their car for an extended period of time.

  • The Fear Ratio is 2:1 for everyone → Just because you may not have to fear doesn’t mean you can powergame knowing that and have poor RP either

  • Example: If you are getting pressed and you do not have a weapon out you fear 1 person if you already had a weapon out you fear 2 people.

  • If you are NOT outnumbered and they threaten your life by saying death is the other option you may defend for your life 


VDM- Vehicle Death Match

Attacking another player or group without any reason or roleplay leading up to it with a vehicle →  EXAMPLE: running someone over, even if it was an accident, and just leaving them without checking up on the person to see if they are alright or if they need medical help.


  • Running into an individual/group with a vehicle will not be tolerated

  • Continuously ramming your vehicle into others is also considered VDM



Actions that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of others. Always think to yourself “is this something I would do in real life”.  


  • Do NOT bring your Out of character knowledge in game. Your character doesn’t know this. 

  • You should NEVER break character. No matter how frustrating the situation is. Do /report (id) (reason) in game and an admin will do their best to respond to you. Make sure you post a clip in Player Reports in the discord

  • Do not stream snipe

  • If you are communicating on Discord or any other platform instead of in game you MUST speak in game first especially if this information is valuable to the other party.

  • Do NOT talk while dead or use /me

  • GTA driving is NOT allowed. If you crash you MUST RP your injuries. Also do not drive cars that are not designed for off-roading off-road; If you get into a car crash you cannot just keep going like nothing happened

  • Do not use OOC terms like “ VDM, RDM, FailRP” in game unless in a admin sit

  • You cannot trash talk over dead bodies

  • Large Weapons must be equipped from a vehicle, large bag, or any point of interest that is realistic

  • You may not use unrealistic voice changers

  • Parking and flying helicopters within city limits is prohibited unless landing on designated helipads, place of business etc. (EMS and PD exempted for emergency purposes

  • Do NOT post pictures of dead bodies on Social Medias



You can rob up 50K and scam up to 100k. You can not rob/scam the same person again for One hour.


  • You cannot force someone to withdraw money from their ATM or sell their vehicle. 

  • You also cannot make them send money through the phone ONLY strictly cash

  • If someone scams you, you cannot just kill them. Once again you have to initiate

  • If you’re robbing an individual/group you must give a choice of life

  • If you told someone “10k OR die” and they only have 5k on their person you must accept it, you cannot kill them. If you feel as if they are lying just go with the roleplay in the moment and clip it and call for an admin but you cannot kill them.

  • You can not kidnap someone from a Safezone (safe zones are marked in game you will not be able to pull your gun out in the area)

  • You SHOULD NOT be Kidnapping people in broad daylight in highly populated areas such as legion square also shouldn’t be kidnapping from businesses

  • You cannot drive while having someone hostage

  • You cannot take someone hostage with a 2 door car

  • You cannot kidnap on-duty Mechanics or EMS

  • You can ONLY do /steal (ID) to search off of Dead bodies that are NOT associated with a crime scene

- Example: You cannot wait for a store/bank robbery to end in hopes to loot the dead bodies on the crime scene. IF CAUGHT DOING THIS COPS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DETAIN, SEARCH AND FINE.

  •  You CANNOT /steal (ID) to search dead Cops, EMS or Tactical EMS


Unacceptable RP

RapeRP and SuicideRP are not allowed. Rape RP WILL result in a PERMANENT ban.


  • Roleplaying as terrorists, separatists, members of the intelligence agency, private military, federal or foreign government employees, or similar avenues of roleplay

  • Hitman RP is NOT allowed

  • You may not play a character from a film, television show, comic book, or any other kind of related media.

  • Do NOT use inappropriate/unrealistic clothing combinations (helmets are not allowed)

  • Offensive Roleplay is prohibited to a extent

  • Roleplay fear like you would in real life. Do NOT RP as fearless man/women 



Powergaming is using in game mechanics to your advantage. An example of this would be if you're being chased by the cops and your car is about to break down so you go into a safezone and pull out another car and keep going.


  • If you are being pressed by an individual or chased by the police you CANNOT run into a safezone

  • Do NOT abuse in game mechanics to where you would benefit from it



No means no. If an individual says no respect their boundaries. Also respect everyone for who they are, no matter their religion, race, sexuality, and disabilities. This type of behavior will not be tolerated.


  • Do NOT say the T Slur, Fag**t, Hard N word.


  • Keep in character situations in character DO NOT bring it out of the game/city. And Vice Versa 





If you go AFK you must go into a safezone and stay hidden. You should not be AFK in public. It is NOT the other party's issue if you go AFK and they try to press you. This would be poor RP on your end. 


  • You are not allowed AFK farm jobs for the money

  • You should not be AFK longer than 10 minutes. If you’re going to be afk longer just log off you can always come back later


Combat Logging:

Logging to avoid a situation will NOT be tolerated. 


  • After doing a criminal act you MUST stay in the city for 20 minutes after so please bare this in mind before doing so

  • Do NOT log off to avoid a RP scene or Admin sit 

  • You CANNOT commit sucidie to avoid a situation 



If you find an exploit please tell a member of the staff team immediately otherwise we will have to assume you know what you are doing and using it to your advantage


  • Shooting through walls/objects is NOT allowed

  • Using emotes to your advantage for any situation is also NOT allowed


NLR- New Life Rule:

If you die and you respawn at the hospital you CANNOT remember who killed you, how or where. You MUST forget everything. If EMS picks you up and you are 30 bpm and below you MUST also forget and act as if you have a concussion.


  • You cannot return to the area you were just killed in for 1 hour. 20 minutes if its your HQ



Crimes cannot be committed in areas that are highly populated for example legion square


  • You cannot run from police in an Insurgent, Oppressor, or Drag Cars

  • Blindfiring is NOT allowed

  • Store/Bank/Jewelry Robberies you MUST initiate with police before shooting. The only time you are allowed to shoot on sight is if police arrive on scene after the robbery is finished.

  • MAX AMOUNT of people allowed in Store Robbery is 6 Cops and 6 Civilians 

  • You CANNOT lie to a cop about how many people are involved in the robbery and same goes for cops

  • Cops may NOT use snipers at a Store Robbery

  • You may not take cops hostage DURING a robbery

  • Cops no longer get revived at zero BPM 

  • You CANNOT have any outside shooters at a store robbery. But you may have at least 2 at a Bank robbery and 1 at Jewelry 

  • Fake hostages are NOT allowed

  • You can steal cop cars with proper RP reasoning

  • Chain Robbing is not allowed. You have to wait 15 minutes in between robberies

  • Robbing Cops to make them use their powers or for their weapons/armor is prohibited 

  • Do NOT Cop Bait

  • You cannot use any armored cars for robberies 

  • If you’re getting pulled over for a traffic stop you MUST stop and comply 

  • Do not phone Police, Ems, or Mechanics with the intent to rob/kill them

  • After you leave a robbery you may not return under any circumstances unless recalled by staff

  • After taking off in pursuit of a robbery and the police know you are armed, they and you may open fire if the pursuit comes to a halt, you may NOT run to your gang allies or friends.

  • You cannot use 1-1 cars in cop chases or for robberies unless given permission otherwise by a staff member same for the Drag Cars or any other vehicle that would give you an advantage over others

  • Cops can now detain for wearing gang attire



If an individual is breaking rules in game you need to do /report (id) (reason) in game and make sure you have AT LEAST a 2 minute clip


  • Do NOT spam in game reports or discord for assistance 

  • Do NOT false report

  • Doing /report for asking RP questions is NOT ALLOWED

  • If a situation was not dealt with as you felt it should have you can always bring it to another admin and do a Staff Report on the website 

  • Also you should NOT be DMing staff about bans. You can do a ban appeal on the website